The need of a money changer service started to rise ever since foreigners flocked into this little island. We have been delivering the best of such service from 1992. Of course, there are a lot of authorized money changers in Bali. So: why us? First of all, it is a piece of cake to find our outlets. Our outlets are available in Canggu and Batu Bolong. And we always gives the best price/rate for the currency exchange. Moreover, the no-commission policy service is guaranteed for all at our outlets.

Police officers guard some of our outlets, promising a comfortable and safe transaction. We also accept Bank notes. With all of these benefits, entrusting your money exchange matters to us will give you comfort and satisfaction. For all of transactions in our outlets, Passport or ID card is required. We are an authorized money changer with long experience in this industry and we are proud of that.

NOTE: Quatro Sari Money Exchange can change the rate at any time without having to notify and also provide news

Please ask for your receipt and count your money before leaving the counter & we are not responsible for any complaint after you leave the counter. thank you